14 years, DEVSUN lighting has maintained rapid growth , through independent research and development system , to carry out continuous innovation movement , providing the public with high -quality, energy-efficient , beautiful artificial lighting environment. Products involved in five major areas of commercial, construction , office, light electrical appliances , home , etc., especially commercial lighting industry has maintained a leading position .
In China ,DEVSUN lighting has to Guangdong, Chongqing, Zhejiang , Shanghai and other manufacturing bases in Guangdong and Shanghai and set up two R & D centers. 36 operations centers nationwide and more than 2,000 brand stores composed improve customer service network. Globally, DEVSUN lighting set up business institutions in more than 30 countries and regions , expand international marketing strategy.
As a professional lighting company , DEVSUN lighting products and application solutions are many famous and well-known brands selected works , including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games , Shanghai World Expo, Tianjin metro , Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway , Shanghai Hongqiao transport hub , etc. famous works , Hilton , Sheraton, Intercontinental and other star hotels , Bentley, BMW , Toyota and other car brands, Metersbonwe , Ba Jin , Ordos and other clothing brands, and the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou lighting products supplier , card Reddy illumination light, add luster to customers .
Creating a world-class brand is the ultimate goal DEVSUN lighting, committed advocate for light environment concept: human artificial lighting landscaping business and living space , with energy-saving lighting to protect human health living environment. Thus , Ka Ruidi lighting constantly promote the development and application of advanced lighting technology , expert spirit, faith and practice brand promise .
Commercial Lighting Commercial Lighting is a leader in DEVSUN lightingin 1999, the industry 's first sub-category , the subject is a modern new lighting products for customers' business establishments providing excellent lighting application solutions , so that customers create comfort for businesses value creation environment. DEVSUN lighting unique, high quality commercial lighting products have been welcomed by the market , and thus laid the Chinese commercial lighting leading brand position.
Energy: Action Ka Ruidi light illumination is an advocate of green lighting " light action " isDEVSUN lightingto promote energy-efficient lighting products, lighting , energy-saving lighting practice dissemination of culture . Relying on industry-leading levels of R & D centers and large energy-saving lamps , electronic ballasts production base , to market " light " series of energy-saving lamps and electronic ballast products to China and the world of action to support the cause of saving and environmental protection .
Architectural lighting : light environment expert architectural lighting is one of the key development areas DEVSUN lighting. Adhering to the concept of " light environment experts" , relying on its strong design, development and manufacturing capabilities, DEVSUN lighting developed the production of professional architectural lighting, electrical and lighting, and together domestic authorities and reputable institutions , to provide customers with high-quality architectural lighting products and professional lighting application solutions.
DEVSUN lighting architectural lighting , giving the building the soul and life , individuality architectural style and artistic taste , so building the harmonious coexistence between man and nature , and create a healthy , beautiful architecture light environment. Fully participate in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is DEVSUN lighting architectural lighting strength of the overall review and affirmation that DEVSUN lightinginto the new heights in the field of architectural lighting .
Together with our customers and together , promote architectural lighting green energy . By lamps, lighting and appliances to match the design of science , improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption , long life, full of energy-saving , support environmental protection.